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Poor health is one of the most pertinent issues that our generation is facing today. Diseases like high blood pressure, Diabetes, thyroid, PCOD, even hair-fall are highly common.

Most of these diseases were unheard of at the age we are getting them, kids in their teens are suffering from such diseases, which is just not how we are designed.

With one of the most advanced healthcare systems and research mankind has ever seen, why do we suffer from so many diseases and what is ayurveda’s way of health care of being physically healthy? What are we doing wrong? Let’s find out.

Understanding how our body functions

We eat food to provide energy to our body. This energy allows us to perform the physical activity and mental work each day. 

Anatomical structure of human body, skeleton, muscular system, system of blood vessels with arteries, veins, organs human. Medical anatomy, detailed human system in full growth. Vector illustration.

The food eaten by us goes through our digestive system where it gets broken down into small molecules, which are then absorbed into the body. While the nutrients are absorbed by our body the wastes or toxins get extracted out through four channels – kidney in the form of urine, liver/ intestine in the form of stool, lungs in the form of air and skin in the form of sweat.

These four detox channels therefore play a very significant role in keeping us healthy, and we would separately cover each one of them in detail in our later videos.

Root cause for poor physical health

We know that if toxins are not taken out from our body in time, it will impact our health.

These accumulated toxins in your body can give rise to serious diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, uric acid cysts, thyroid and several other conditions.

If you think about obesity, it’s nothing but years of toxins and waste stocked up in the body. Also, skin problems like wrinkles, acne spots etc arise when toxins have to force themselves out through your skin.

Simply putting cream on the skin may hide or suppress the acne for sometime, but it will not restore your intestines health or your liver health or your pancreas condition, these are the parts where the problem actually exists.

For hair problems, it’s nothing but build up toxins in the blood which makes the blood heavy. Because of that it is unable to travel up your head and because of no blood circulation in head you will automatically see symptoms like hair fall, dandruff, split ends etc.

A very common disease today is Type 2 Diabetes, which is caused because our body is not able to manage the excessive amount of sugar.

If we consume huge amount of processed, junk and food rich in refined sugar, it has its adverse reaction on our body. They not only produce an excessive amount of waste in our body they but also affect our detox channels.

Now when there is no way to get rid of the waste, it starts to affect the functioning of pancreas and liver which can lead to development of type 2 diabetes.

In many cases the excessive amount of junk food that we intake becomes too much for our body’s detox channels to handle.

Now to solve this doctors prescribe to take medication, this does control our sugar level, however this still not cures the body but just removes the symptoms.

To be truly healthy we need to make these channels function properly and detoxify our body.

when we eat junk food, refined and processed food it does not get properly absorbed in our body and rots inside out.

It simply attracts harmful diseases. Then we go to the doctor whose profits comes first in the priority over our wellbeing and they try to sell us expensive vaccines and drugs which we happily buy them because nobody has taught us to think the other way.

And ultimately we don’t get the result we desired from those vaccines and drugs.

Ayurveda, the best way out

The ayurveda nature philosophy on the ways of getting rid of the toxins from your body and once that happens you will weigh pounds less, the next time you get your blood test done you won’t have the disease you have been taking pills for.

Feel different with Ayurvedic Way of Life

Your skin and hair will glow, you will look different, feel different because being diseased is not our natural state as human beings.

You will be bustling with energy and happiness. you will realize so many people are victims of junk food and the pharmaceutical industry. There is a system out of place and people need to know this knowledge. 


All it takes to Improve this area of a person’s health is the determination to do it and a simple plan of how to do so. These plans can be changes in diet, exercise habits, sleep habits and especially plans to detox your body.

Together, health in these aspects of one’s life can make a drastic difference in a person’s overall outlook and attitude towards life.

Therefore, it is important that we each do our best to change those parts of our lives which need it and to encourage others as they attempt to do the same.

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