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How can you check the quality of milk at home?

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How Can You Check The Quality Of Milk At Home

3 Techniques to Check Milk Quality at Home? 

Check milk quality at home, without milk testing kit

First, let’s check out the technique in case you don’t have any milk
Testing kit. Using these techniques you can check milk quality at home.


If you want to find water adulteration in milk, put a drop of milk on a slightly slanting polished surface like a mirror. If the milk is pure, it will either stay or move slowly leaving a white trail behind it or if the milk is adulterated with water, it will move immediately without leaving a mark.

Now, in order to find detergent adulteration in milk, take 10 ml
of sample with an equal amount of water in a container or a bottle. Shake the
contents thoroughly, if the milk is adulterated with detergent it will make a
dense lather at the top whereas pure milk will form a thin foam due to shaking.

Next is the starch adulteration, For this, you will be needing
tincture of iodine which can be bought online or from a local chemist shop.
Next, take the 5 to 10 ml of milk sample and add 2 to 3 drops of tincture of
Iodine in it. If the sample shows a change to blue color, it means the milk is
adulterated with starch.

You can also try out some milk testing kits and milk analyzer
chemicals which can be bought online via Amazon or Flipkart. These testing kits
contain all the necessary stuff to check the quality of milk you are getting at
home, and they contain all the necessary instructions on how to use them for
accurate results. So if you want to test out more, give it a try.

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