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Top 4 healthy snacks for Navratri (2021)

Top 4 healthy snacks for Navratri.target100years3 1

With the Navratri festival season going on, your daily food pattern is going to change. Fasting, cutting down on non-vegetarian food and restrictions on consuming grains like wheat, rice, pulses, onion, garlic etc. will make your goal for being healthy a little tougher.

 With a fast paced lifestyle, consuming healthy food is very necessary during fasting as well. And cooking healthy meals should not require a long preparation time. The health problems may rise for diabetics due to abnormal fluctuations in sugar levels with long fasting and feasting routines.

 Right snacking can help you in this journey by keeping your energy levels high and minimising binge eating in the evening. But with limited time, few food options, what should you eat to stay healthy during Navratri. Well, we have done the research and found 4 must have snacks in your kitchen during Navratri in 2021 and even beyond:

1. Sabudana Papad

Sabudana Papad.target100years

Sabudana papad is a healthy and light snacking item which can be munched anytime during the day. It acts as a good filler between long gaps in your meals. The Papads can be both fried and baked.

Dry Fruit Hub Sabudana Papad Plain 400gms

Dry Fruit Hub Sabudana Papad Plain Gluten-Free & Upwas-Friendly Tapioca Papads this is a vegetarian product and has great taste. It does not have any GMO and Gluten in it. A healthy snack at any time you can eat this delicious sabudana papad with your baking as well as snacks. No more additives, preservatives or any flavours are used in our sabudana papad. 


  • Sago
  • Vegetarian products

The product is available in 400 gm packaging with over 50% of the reviews being 5 star on Amazon.

Amazon sale link –

2. Makhana of Lotus seeds

Top 4 healthy snacks for Navratri.target100years2

Makhanas, also called fox nuts, or lotus seeds, come from a plant called Euryale Fox which grows in the stagnant water of wetlands or ponds in Eastern Asia. They are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. Makhana acts as an antioxidant, good for digestion, and is known as a great gluten-free snack around the world.

 While many processed or pre-roasted Makhana are available in the market or online, they have salt and onion which can’t be used during navratri. Therefore it is ideal to use unprocessed Makhanas. 

Rajbhog Regular Lotus Seeds Pop/Gorgon Nut Puffed Kernel is a popular option

Rajbhog is a world leading brand in Makahanas has among the highest consumer ratings in this category (4 out of 5 on Amazon with over 70% in 5 star and 4 star ratings out of 1700). With a long shelf life of over 9 months months, they are a good snacks to munch upon even post Navratri.

Roast them in olive oil, which makes them a perfect snack for all age groups during fasting. Roasted makhana (fox nuts) are a great alternate for snacks as it is quick to digest with healthy nutritional content. 


  • Vegetarian

3. Phalhari Chiwda

Top 4 healthy snacks for Navratri.target100years3

Phalhari Chiwda can be eaten during Navratri as it is a rich, crunchy, and nutritious snack made with deep-fried potatoes, nuts, and Haldiram’s trademark masalas. This food item can be served as a snack in the evening.

This is highly rich in nutrients and provides energy during fasting in Navratri. It is highly recommended for those who miss their snacks during fasting.

Haldiram’s Nagpur Phalhari Chiwda, 400 g is a good snack substitute during Navratri.


  • Potatoes
  • Groundnut
  • Refined palmolein oil
  • Refined sugar
  • Rock salt
  • Red chili
  • Black pepper
  • Poppyseed
  • Dried ginger powder
  • Cumin
  • Clove powder
  • Cardamom and cinnamon 

Key benefits of Haldiram’s Nagpur Phalhari Chiwda are Gluten-free, Trans fat-free, rich in carbohydrates, proteins and antioxidant

4. Roasted Multi-grain Snack

Top 4 healthy snacks for Navratri.target100years4

Mixtures of Buckwheat, Amaranth, Makhana & Seasonings makes this snack highly nutritious. All ingredients being natural & healthy, it is high in Protein and loaded with antioxidants. It is a vegetarian snack food which is high in dietary fibre and helps in weight loss.

 Diet-Fils Roasted Multigrain Snack Navratri special

It contains Himalyan Salt & Pepper, has no onion, no garlic based snack and Jain Special. This makes them an ideal snack during Navratri fasting. This product has zero trans-fat which helps in supporting heart and overall health.



  • Vegetarian

While there is no substitute to wholesome home-cooked food we eat everyday, the above options would help you to keep your energy levels high during the periods of fasting. Also keep your feasting in check in the night.

 Do let us know in case there are any other healthy snacks you prefer during Navratri.

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