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What will happen if you do water fasting for 30 days?

What Will Happen If You Do Water Fasting For 30 Days?

Our body needs water to function properly but not many pay attention to the fact that water constitutes over 60% of our body every tissue and organ relies on water to stay alive. So, proper water hydration is important to our overall health.

It is the most preferred beverage to quench our thirst on any given day but what if you rely on water as your only beverage of choice for the next thirty days.

This post will cover

  • The benefits of water fasting
  • The changes you will feel in your body when are on thirty-day water fasting
  • People who shouldn’t do water fasting, and
  • Few simple tips that you must follow while you are on this journey.

Benefits of water fasting 

Number – 1

Improved mental performance

  • The human brain is made of 75% water and during water fasting, it has become your main source of hydration, you can experience a tremendous boost in creativity and your mental activity.
  • According to studies published in neuroscientific journals, drinking water for prolonged periods such as 30 days can have a positive impact on the brain’s level of activity.
Improved mental performance
  • This is because your brain needs a sufficient supply of oxygen in order to function properly and since you are on water fasting, your brain is functioning at a perfect condition with an adequate supply of oxygen.
  • By drinking 8 to 10 cups of water every day you can expect an improved cognitive function by up to 30%.

Number – 2

Aid in weight loss

  • Being on water fasting will essentially reboot and detox your whole body. It will flush out toxins and improve metabolic functions in your body.
  • If you incorporate the habit of drinking warm water every morning, it will improve your body function by up to 25 %.
  • When you drink warm water, it tightens up your intestines which not only aids your digestive system but also regulates bowel movement. Thus, making you cleaner and leaner.
Aid in weight loss
  • When you are on water fasting, your body breaks down fat to complete its energy needs and warm water helps the body to break down the adipose tissue where most of the body fat is stored.
  • Losing fat in the adipose tissue will help you lose weight and feel better for yourself.

Number – 3

Improved immunity and strong heart

  • There is a saying “Water is the world’s first and foremost medicine“. It behaves as a catalyst for renewing your body to its optimal levels.
  • Since water improves the performance of liver and kidney functioning, during water fasting elimination of toxic substances, waste and excessive salt from your blood become their sole function.
  • Water neutralizes the ph levels in your body thus it strengthens immunity against kidney problems and other illnesses.
Improved immunity and strong heart
Strong Heart
  • Water also prevents the blood from thickening and lowers blood pressure, thus reducing the threat of a heart attack.
  • A paper published by The American Journal of Epidemiology in 2002 revealed that during water fasting, it becomes easier for the heart to send fresh oxygenated blood to the organs.
  • It showed that people who drank a glass of water before bedtime have 41 % less chance to die from a heart attack.

Number – 4

Slow aging

  • Being on water fasting, it slows your aging process by hydrating your nails and skin.
  • Internal moisturizing keeps your skin smooth and healthy by improving blood circulation in cells and expel toxins, creating a glowing and youthful effect.
  • The increased hydration during water fasting repairs the damaged cells, maintains muscle tone, and reduces appearances of wrinkles.
  • An article published in 2013 on Daily Mail UK, documented the effects of drink water for 30 days on a 42-year-old woman.
Slow aging
  • She said that by doing this 30-day experiment made her look 10 years younger. The dark shadow around her eyes and the blotches on her face had totally disappeared. Her transformation was remarkable and she felt leaner and fitter too.

Changes you will experience during 30 Day water fasting

Day 1 to Day 4

  • These 4 days might not be easy for you at first because you will feel hungry all the time. Since the body uses sugar from food to complete its energy needs, it won’t be getting any of it during these 30 days.
  • Since the body is going through its own biological meal cycle, you will feel food cravings.
Changes you will experience during 30 Day water fasting
  • Your energy level will be dropped as it goes into battery saving mode. You will feel irritated and your patience will wear thin.
  • The good thing about this stage is that your body’s metabolic rate will become more efficient and it will use less energy. At the same time, you will feel proud of yourself because you have to boost your will power to push through these 4 days.
  • These 4 days are vital for cleansing your body and improve your heart health.        

Day 5 to Day 10

  • This is the second stage of water fasting, your body is in ketosis. Now the body has started using fat to complete its energy needs.
  • Surprisingly you will stop feeling hungry and simultaneously feel more energetic and less tired.
  • The only problem at this stage that you might feel headache and experience problems in sleeping normally.
Changes you will experience during 30 Day water fasting
  • You might also feel light-headed if you try to do too much physical activity. This is because your body is in battery saving mode.
  • However, burning stored fat into glycerol and fatty acids will expel stored harmful waste in the process. Since you have to keep a balance It’s better to go for a brisk walk and avoid any HIIT sessions.
  • In the second stage, you will start to lose weight and experience a detoxifying effect on the body.

Day 11 to Day 20

  • At the Third stage of you will feel more energetic, happy, and more particularly clarity of mind.
  • You experience positive changes in the functioning of the digestive system since it is not getting any toxins that it used to get through food.
  • At this stage, your blood pressure might be a bit lower than normal and you might feel cold frequently during the day.
  • Sure it becomes a bit stressful going through water fasting but it is good stress because your immune system is becoming stronger and more resilient.
Changes you will experience during 30 Day water fasting
  • The third stage of water fasting not only increases your body’s immune system but also speeds up the body’s healing process.

Day 20 to Day 30

  • Only a few people have the courage to reach this stage, if you are one of them you have to pay attention to your health condition and contact a doctor immediately during emergencies.
  • It is advised to take some time off work and keep your physical activity to a minimum.
  • The best part about this last stage is that you will feel light and active because your body is completely hydrated and toxin-free, if possible you can also try light cardio workout to stay more active.
Changes you will experience during 30 Day water fasting
  • You will be at your best, bustling with energy, and feel more proud and confident about yourself.
  • Your vitals will be at impressive levels and any health abnormalities will not be a problem now. 

Day 31  

  • Now you are ready to break your 30-day water fast. Since your digestive system is almost like a newborn baby, it’s better not to feast on anything and everything you see.
  • Start by drinking fruit juices with broth and cooked vegetables, this will acclimate your digestive system to the process of consuming food once again.
Changes you will experience during 30 Day water fasting
  • Then slowly the next day, you can try including chapatis and rice in your meals.

Who should not do water fasting 

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • The body changes in terms of growth during pregnancy. Along with it, its energy requirements change too, going into and any form of fasting will negatively impact not only the woman’s body but also the life growing inside of her.

People with heart problems

  • Water fasting can adversely affect people with heart problems like recurring chest pains, past experience with a heart attack, and open heart surgeries.
Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Also, people who are on medication for blood thinners and malignant arrhythmia are not advised to perform water or any form of fasting.

Underweight people

  • Since people who are underweight are already getting insufficient calories it is advised not to perform 30-day water fasting.

Water drinking habits you must follow during water fasting

Drink only when you feel thirsty

•   Your body will send signals when it feels there is a need for water.

•   It will send signals like changing the color of urine to dark yellow or dry chapped lips or lack of energy in case of dehydration.  

Water drinking habits you must follow during water fasting

•   Ayurveda encourages drinking water only when you feel thirsty. Since the same amount of water cannot be recommended to everybody.

•   Make your own drinking system without feeling too full.

 Avoid cold or chilled water

  • Some people might have the habit of drinking chilled water pulled straight from the fridge.
  • It can cause sore throat, shrink the blood vessels, aggravate joint pains and decrease heart rate.
Drink only when you feel thirsty
  • It is advised to drink at room temperature, drinking Lukewarm water is even better. You can try storing it in earthen pots this way the water not only stays cool but also the Ph of water stays balanced by removing any impurities.

Avoid gulping down water

  • Gulping down water in large quantities can impact negatively. According to Ayurveda, there are three doshas in our body, Vata, pitta and Kapha.
  • Each dosha has their own way of consuming water according to meals but in water fasting it is advised to consume water in little sips.
Avoid gulping down water
  • This way your saliva which is alkaline in nature will enter your digestive properly and balance the acidic level in the stomach.

Don’t drink water while standing

  • Most people have the habit of drinking water while walking, standing, or even running. When we are in the standing position the kidneys are not able to filter the water properly.
  • Also while standing our muscles and nerves are not relaxed which makes it more difficult to quickly process the incoming fluids. It leads to an imbalance of fluids in the body or causes greater accumulation of fluids in joints causing arthritis.
Don’t drink water while standing
  • It is best to sit down on and sip water slowly to get most out of 30-day water fasting.   

Share your experiences and strategy on how you plan to do water fasting, in the comments down below. Also, thank you for reading our post.

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