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Concept of Stages of Diseases and its Link to Detox Channels

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Concept Of Stages Of Diseases And Its Link To Detox Channels

How to Detox Your Body the Natural Way?

We all get sick and get diseases at some point in our life; it can be a minor flu or an acute disease like cancer. While acute diseases are something about which we worry and spend a lot of time and money getting treated. We fail to realize that these acute diseases are one of the last stages of diseases and result from us not taking early signs seriously and suppressing these minor diseases.

After a long evolution, the human body has developed the capabilities to heal almost anything. Still, before any serious damage is done, it gives us some warning signs, which we ignore at times and take our course of action instead of following the natural routine.

Evolution of Human

With the advancement of medical science, our understanding of health and diseases has become much better today. It has led to us using medicine to fight diseases and control other aspects of our bodies, like mood, blood pressure, or even cholesterol.

Let’s understand the stages of diseases.

First are the primary stage diseases.

The detox channels that our body uses to get rid of all the toxins are sometimes just not enough; there is a small but substantial amount of waste that is still left inside our body.

After months and months of accumulation of these toxins, the body carries out a thorough process of master cleansing via cold, flu, cough, inflammation, fever, vomiting, etc.

Primary or Preliminary Stage Diseases

These can be classified as preliminary diseases, which essentially perform the cleansing process for our body. It is also an early warning system that tells us to be more cautious and adapt to a healthy lifestyle.

We fail to acknowledge that, during these diseases, our body automatically increases the effectiveness of one of the four detox channels. For example, during fever, it increases the effectiveness of the sweat channel; during diarrhea, it increases the effectiveness of the stool channel; same in the case of common cold, it increases the effectiveness of the nose. And all the harmful toxins are released from our body, which otherwise made us sicker or physically uncomfortable.

After getting these diseases, we usually go to the doctor and take medicines to get rid of these diseases. Of course, these medicines do the work by suppressing the symptoms of these primary stage diseases, but in reality, we are stopping the outlet of these harmful toxins from our bodies.

The medicine suppresses the Symptoms.

This behavior among people is due to years and years of constant pharmaceutical advertisement and brainwash, which has penetrated our culture, books, and even movies. This developed behavior didn’t happen overnight but a slow and gradual process made by those who want to capitalize on this.

They want us to believe that this is the only way to be healthy, and no one ever tells you to welcome a cold, cough, or fever.

Next are the intermediary stage diseases.

When we ignore these early warnings of the body by repeatedly suppressing the symptoms, these diseases go into the intermediary stage like blood pressure anomalies, diabetes, asthma, thyroid, obesity, sinus, gallstones, and many more the list is long.

Diabetes (One of the second stage diseases)

These diseases can last for a longer period if not managed properly, but they are not life-threatening. So at this stage, it will still be easier for us to go back to normal.

The final stage is critical diseases.

If we further suppress these symptoms, our body experiences the final stage diseases often called acute diseases like heart attack, cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, Parkinson’s, etc. These are life-threatening diseases, and altering them is difficult.


Let’s look at the liver and kidney in the body.

The liver is one of the most important and the heaviest organ of the body.

One of the liver’s main functions is to filter the body’s blood and send it to different parts of the body. It also takes blood from the intestines, which contains carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

The liver converts them into energy and stores it for future use, but along with those nutrients in the blood, it also contains toxins which is strictly monitored by the liver. Later these toxins are secreted away with the help of different channels, like kidney and skin in urine and sweat.

If we keep on eating harmful foods that have the potential of creating an immense amount of toxins and low nutrient content, it just bulks up in the liver. And there is only a certain limit an organ can work up in releasing these toxins. Along with that, if we take medication only to suppress the symptoms, things only worse for the liver.

This affects the functioning of the liver; it can ultimately lead to total shut down or, even worse, cancer.

Similarly, Kidneys filter blood and regulate dehydration levels and other bodily fluids. However, it can manage the incoming toxins only up to a certain extent.

Every time we eat bad food, our kidney receives a load of unsuited ingredients. Soon the buildup of waste will overload the functioning of kidneys. In addition, excessive medication to suppress the symptoms of kidney issues can lead to further damaging the kidney.

Likewise, this sort of eating and symptom suppressing habit can also affect our pancreas, lungs, and even heart.            

Is there any way out?

The answer is absolute. Controlling our eating habits, reducing medication to suppress symptoms, adopting an active lifestyle are few basic steps to stop the deterioration of health. Many people doubt if healthy foods for weight loss are still relevant? Statistics show that it is important for us to keep a 80-20 balance, which means that we should take 80% nutrition and focus 20% on exercise and other physical activities for weight loss.

Also, you should keep in mind that even if you are eating healthy, you can get sick because there are toxins everywhere, like in water, air, and even the vegetables and fruits are pumped in with fertilizers and pesticides.

And when you get sick, you should welcome these detox diseases because your body is allowing you to cleanse yourself from inside and increase the effectiveness of your detox channels.

You should stop eating processed food and start eating how our body is designed to digest, I.e., “Raw Natural Foods,” using only the ingredients found in nature. It doesn’t mean eating only raw vegetables and fruits. And this doesn’t mean that food needs to be boring. On the contrary, there are many ways to make the food interesting and tasty.

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