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Craftsman India Online Black Pottery Clay Pots,(1Ltr_Deep Burned_Gas Stove & Microwave_Unglazed)

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Craftsman India Online Is A Pioneer Whole Seller And Retailer In Handicraft Products Throughout India.We Started Our Online Retail With Sole Motive Of Helping The Craftsman Across India,By Providing Them A Better Platform Online And To Help Them With Maximum Profit. We Have Nearly 200 Skilled Craftsmen Associated With Us From Different Parts Of India. How To Use Your Earthenware: Use Earthen Cookware Only For Cooking Where The Temperature Rise Takes Place Gradually. Sudden Rise Or Fall Of The Temperature Make Lead To Its Cracking. Never Add Broth Or Cold Water Into An Earthen Pot That Is Already Heated. If You Are Using The Dishwasher For Washing The Unglazed, Earthenware Do Not Put In Other Cookware With It. The Rubbing May Cause Scratches On The Earthenware. Do Not Use Scratchy Powdered Cleaner For Cleaning Your Earthenware. Use Only A Mild Soap. To Removed Food Items Stuck To Your Unglazed Earthenware, Simply Soak It In Water Without Detergent. The Detergent Might Be Absorbed By The Earthenware And Prove Poisonous While Being Used The Next Time.

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