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Diet-Fils Roasted Multigrain Snack Navratri/Fasting Food Special Himalyan Salt & Pepper Combo (130 gm x3 Pack)


  • Being a whole grain its highly nutritious snack comprising of Buckwheat,Amaranth,Makhana & Seasonings
  • All ingredients being natural & healthy,its high in Protein & loaded with antioxidants.
  • Perfect snacking option for all age groups.Being light & delicious.perfect replacer during tea time snacks and people binging over junk during evenings.Can enjoy muching with Cocktails/Mocktails also.
  • Zero Transfat helps in supporting heart and overall health.Furthermore these are No Onion No Garlic Based snack-Jain Special.Best to be used in Navratri/fasting
  • Vegetarian snack food.High in dietary fibre and helps in weight loss


Diet Fils Roasted Multigrain Navratri Snacks is perfectly made with finest quality ingredients.With each bite you take the roasted goodness of not one ,not two but 3 super healthy grains(so called superfoods)comprising of Buckwheat,Amaranth & Foxnut(Makhana). This snacks comes in Himalyan Salt & Pepper flavour which is not even No Onion No Garlic based owing to which these snacks can be eaten by Jain Community as well as other societies who avoid it but also can be used as fasting food or during navratri.Zero Transfat helps in promoting heart and overall health.


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