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Dry Fruit Hub Sabudana Papad Plain 400gms Gluten Free & Upwas-Friendly Tapioca Papad, Sabudana Papad homemade


  • Dry Fruit Hub Sabudana Papad Plain Gluten-Free & Upwas-Friendly Tapioca Papads this is a vegetarian product and has great taste.
  • Our Papad is made with hygiene and clean atmosphere. It is really fresh and pure ingredient for your baking works.
  • It does not have any GMO and Gluten in it. It is delicious and tasty sabudana plain papad.
  • A healthy snack at any time you can eat this delicious sabudana papad with your baking as well as snacks.
  • No more additives, preservatives or any flavours are used in our sabudana papad.


Dry Fruit Hub Sabudana Papad Plain 400gms (Gluten-Free & Upwas-Friendly Tapioca Papads)


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