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Yadav Craft® Bronze Plate Handmade 600 Gm

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Kansa plates Kansa plates Kansa pooja plates product description “:– Kansas thali. It matches your kitchenware. Basically, Kansas thali is used for pooja like Ekadashi pooja. This Yadav Craft kansa plate is perfect for all kind of pooja when we say about plates what comes in our mind first is steel plate. But the concept is changing these days. The world requires bell metal which is called kanji. Here is Yadav Craft kansi plate which can be used for many purposes. Kansi metal is known holy and for all purposes. Especially for the pooja works. We are used to putting all the pooja items in kansi thali so that it also looks and its holy too. This kinase thali can be used for pooja dinner purposes and the most serving purposes. Mainly this is a tray. Yadav Craft plates can be used for serving water lemonade to people guests. This golden colored bell-metal thali plain is purely handmade. Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of 80% copper commonly with about 20% tin.

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1 review for Yadav Craft® Bronze Plate Handmade 600 Gm

  1. Balpreet Singh


    Good product.

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