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Peanut butter is best for you

Did You know?

Butter is one of the most consumed dairy goods globally. We all love to eat it, whether it is by spreading it on bread, baking cakes, or just normally spooning them in our dishes.

While dairy butter has few health benefits, it is chiefly composed of saturated fats (52%) and is high in calories, which causes many problems. Some major ones are, 

  1. High Cholesterol Levels– A major reason for blocked arteries and heart diseases.
  2. Obesity– High consumption of butter along with a sedentary lifestyle is often related to Obesity and further health complications.
  3. Bad for People with Diabetes– 100 grams of butter contains 740Kcal. This is extremely dangerous for people with diabetes.
  4. Bad for Women– Female consumption of butter leads to breast cancer.
  5. Bad for Adolescents– Adolescent consumption of butter causes a 302% increase in the chances of prostate cancer.

Why Peanut butter is Best for you!

helps Lose weight

Peanut has an enviable aggregate of fiber(32%) and protein(50%). Hence, Peanut Butter makes you full for longer so that you don't feel hunger for long.

Takes care of Heart

Peanut butter contains more unsaturated fats(40%) than saturated fat(10%) making it a fat-pleasant food that lowers the peril of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease.

Protects against Alzheimer’s disease

Peanuts contains the highest amount of niacin, and higher niacin consumption is linked with lower chances of Alzheimer's or different reminiscence problems.

Promotes Robust Bones

Iron & calcium are in abundance in peanut butter, that is important for transporting oxygen inside the blood and promoting healthy & sturdy bones.

Prevents Gallstones

Research has shown that consumption of peanut butter can decrease the chance of gallstones by 25%.

why to choose peanut butter over dairy butter?

Nutritional stats of Peanut Butter

The reasons why peanut butter is best for you!

Peanut butter contains 32 grams of protein per 100 grams serving. It counts a lot in the direction of daily Recommended Dietary Allowances, which is 46 g for females and 56 g for males.

A serving of peanut butter contains 0.85 mg of zinc, which forms 7.7 % RDA of 11 mg for males and 10.6% RDA of 8 mg for females. Zinc is essential for better immunity and DNA formation.

With 17 grams of vitamin B6 in a serving, peanut butter provides around 14% of grown-up RDA. It plays a vital role in over 100 enzyme reactions in the body and is essential for coronary heart and immune machines.

With 57 mg of magnesium, every serving helps toward the RDA of 400–420 mg in males and 310–320 mg in females. Magnesium is essential for many functions in over 300 chemical reactions in the body.

Peanut butter contains 4.21 mg of niacin per serving, which makes a useful contribution towards an RDA of 14-16 mg. Niacin benefits in better digestion and nerve functioning.

Each serving contains 107 mg of phosphorus. It is 15.3% of the daily RDA requirement of 700 mg for adults. It enables the body to build robust cells and bones, which helps cells to work more efficiently.

Serving Size: 15g (1tbsp)

Healthy Recipes using
Peanut Butter

There are lots of easy and healthy recipes using peanut butter, check out the following recipes and give it a try.
Or the best simple alternative is to consume Peanut Butter with Brown Bread!

Which Peanut Butter is Best for You?

There's a lot of options available online for Peanut Butter, but do you know which one's the best?
Check it out yourself!

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